Tips to encourage children to help with household chores

When I see my son wanting to help me in cleaning or just wanting to participate in regular household chore I feel so blessed and proud. When we do so much to make the world better place for our kids, it’s fun to see them practice responsibility by getting involved with helping us in household chores. It’s easier said than done, though. How can we motivate our kids to clean- up their toys after done playing or put their clothes in hamper? It’s a difficult battle but when it comes together, the results are worth it.IMG_1851I like using nontoxic products for my home because I know they won’t harm my little helper. I am sharing some tips how I encourage my son to help me with little here and there household chores.

  1. Together time : Doing chores together means together time for kids which they love. It encourages kids to want to participate. Aarav loves helping me with laundry and dusting.IMG_1815
  2. Reward : Rewarding them for their help can be a big motivator for kids. Aarav loves to get some reward(money) when he finishes his job, like watering the plants.
  3. Sticker Chart : I have made a daily chore chart which has magnets, each time he completes a chore he moves the magnet to done part. At the end of the week, if his chores are complete I give him some money(which he proudly puts in his piggy bank). I have one Brightly colored weekly chart too, where he puts sticker everyday if he has finished his all his chores for the day and by the end of the month, if the chore chart is covered in stickers, he gets a special treat like going out for pizza or ice cream.
  4. Make it fun : Make a game out of clean up time by singing a song. When we’re doing dusting we sing a cleanup song. When we are folding laundry he finds the matching socks against the time, like how many matching socks can he find in 1 minute. Find something which is fun for your kids, what interests them.IMG_1868IMG_1849
  5. Encourage them : Kids love doing what Grownups are doing. Encourage them to help and praise them for helping. This makes them feel empowered and they will want to help again. Aarav loves helping me with cleaning up the table after dinner. I always make sure to complement him and tell him how much it means to me.IMG_1834IMG_1841
  6. Screen time limit : Make a list of few chores that needs to be done before kids are allowed any screen time.

What are your tips and tricks? I would love to hear some.



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